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Twin Cities Jazz Festival, 2017
"The festival took root in the spring of 2010, when jazz vocalist Lee Engele"...July, 2011, More...


“I like the stark purity of what we recorded. Your voice is very present and "in the moment”. In short, I love it.” – Reynold Philipsek, Musician, Composer, Arranger

“Lee Engele will prove to be a powerful asset to the leadership of the Twin Cities Jazz Society. We on the board, and the wider community of Society members and jazz fans, are lucky to have her. “ - Arne Fogel, Vocalist

 “Lee Engele is a wonderful vocalist who never fails to move her audiences with her passionate and sensual delivery of well thought musical arrangements. Lee always surrounds herself with the best musicians and her repertoire contains classic jazz songs as and well as lesser known gems. Lee is a solid and her humor and charm puts her audience at ease from the very beginning of each performance.” -Bruce A. Henry, Vocalist and Educator

"Lee Engele takes delight in her classic repertoire, treated with great fun and energy, and warmly communicated through her resonant, womanly sound." - Maud Hixson, Vocalist

“Lee's warm voice and easy sense of swing are just right” - Larry Englund, Disc Jockey, Host of Rhythm and Grooves, KFAI Radio

“Sounds wonderful, a real jazz sound and nice arrangements too.” - Judy Niemack, NY, Jazz Vocalist and Educator

“You have a rich tone and a sound a little reminiscent of Cleo Lane, whom I’ve always loved. - Lucia Newell

“Cheery and bright, and people like her. She’s got a good attitude. She’s bubbly.” - Paul Ierino, Club Saratoga

“WOW! What a performance! I hope we can have you back for another one of our events. You are a very talented group!” - Judy Tschumper, Director Downtown Lakeville Business Association

" Wonderful blend of instruments and voice/Rhythm - the singer stands out; they are all great musicians/Great selection of songs, great soloist/Another wonderful Sunday musical opportunity/Top notch/Unique combo of vocals and strings/Awesome musicians!/Very good and a most historical jazz/Excellent- The response from today’s audience appreciated the excellent performers & music which they experienced/Choice of songs - Comments compiled from the Patrons of the Chanhassen Library, 2010

"Different from other programs/The varied music/gypsy sound and especially the vocalist/Close up & personal/the vocals and jazz accompaniment/the harmonica player - Comments compiled from the Patrons of the Rice Street Library, 2010

"They created a wonderfully festive atmosphere. We have received many compliments on the music both on that day & since, and many people ask when we will do it again?! - Carol Warner, Washington County Library, 2009

”One of the swingingest singers in town.” - Andrea Canter, Jazz Police, 2008

“Your singing was terrific and very classy” - Jan Hass, Honeywell

“Local songbird Lee Engele swings through the tunes with the greatest of ease, taking her listeners along for an evocative ride." -Andrea Canter, Jazz Police, 2007